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Man, a steal! Rare original Superman comic sells for record $4.26m - 20:39:29

One of the few copies of the comic book that introduced Superman to the world has sold for a super-sized, record-setting price.

Van Gogh, Hals theft: Dutch police make arrest, paintings still missing - 20:39:29

The Vincent van Gogh painting was on loan from another museum when a burglar smashed through reinforced glass doors to grab the acclaimed work.

Review: Bill Bailey’s talents are wasted, but Patriot Brains still brings the laughs - The Spinoff

The Spinoff2021-04-08 20:39:29

After a nationwide tour, British comedian Bill Bailey is now fronting a new show for TVNZ. Stewart Sowman-Lund tunes in. It’s been hard to avoid British comic Bill Bailey over the last few weeks. He’s been on tour seemingly everywhere seemingly forever, wr…

Bachelor and Bachelorette New Zealand contestants' shock romance revealed - New Zealand Herald

New Zealand Herald2021-04-08 20:39:29

Love is in the air, but Moses and Lexie are nowhere to be found.

Breaking Dad: Barney Walsh has another go at Breaking Brad - 20:39:29

The Chase host Bradley Walsh faces up to some tough physical questions from his son Barney as they travel to Italy in a motorhome.

Bachelor NZ: Annie Theis moves on from Moses Mackay, reveals new romance - 20:39:29

Where are you more likely to find lasting love, on a reality TV show or in an Irish bar in Auckland’s Viaduct?