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Sylvia Jeffreys and Pete Stefanovic seen for the first time since the birth of their second son - Daily Mail

Daily Mail2021-04-08 20:39:29

Today Extra host Sylvia, 34, and Sky News anchor Pete, 39, pushed along the stroller with their two boys, newborn Henry and one-year-old Oscar, safely secured inside

Lingerie brand Berlei slammed for cultural appropriation by customers, Bobbi Lockyer, Clementine Ford - PerthNow

PerthNow2021-04-08 20:39:29

Australian women’s lingerie brand Berlei has been slammed for cultural appropriation after choosing an Indigenous design — by a non-Indigenous artist — to feature on a bra collection.

Woman boozy lunch ends in disaster after stunt goes wrong - 20:39:29

Woman boozy lunch ends in disaster after stunt goes wrong

Byron Baes: Netflix’s first Australian reality TV show sets its sights on the influencer enclave - The Guardian

The Guardian2021-04-08 20:39:29

Viewers are being promised plenty of ‘fights, flings and heartbreak’ in the new ‘docu-soap’ set in Byron Bay

Burnside backflip: Council reverses library ban on gossip mags - The Advertiser

The Advertiser2021-04-08 20:39:29

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Taylor Swift, Joe Jonas, Sophie Turner and the song that was never meant to be shared, and more in Celeb in 5. - Mamamia

Mamamia2021-04-08 20:39:29

Sophie Turner's hilarious reaction to Taylor Swift's new song 'Mr. Perfectly Fine', that's supposedly about her husband, Joe Jonas.